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We are ready for 2014!!!

We had been preparing for this for a quite a time and we are so excited to announce that we had finally make it ready for all of you!!! Our new website is ready to serve you. Please visit us at www.azmirkhalid.com and spread the news!! there is a special button on the right top side to share our site if you like it. Cheers!!!


Our New Outdoor Portraiture Site in Putrajaya.

Baby Portraiture by AzmirKhalid

Baby Portraiture by AzmirKhalid

Last Saturday while I was having a 3months old baby portraiture outdoor in Putrajaya, the rain start. We have to stop but try to get some shots under the roof while waiting to go back to our car. The above photos is some that we manage to get. So we decided to continue the session the next day in the morning. Early in the morning I get a message from my client suggesting a new place also in Putrajaya for the morning session, I agreed and we meet there. Surprisingly the place was beautiful (how could i never hear about this place before??). Very well maintain park with flowers and tall pine trees. The weather was really nice that morning that we could continue the session till almost 11am. Love the natural lighting when the sun is covered by the cloud and give very soft lighting…. I get to shoot all using natural lighting… down is some of the shots taken there with my little girl Maisarah Azmir and my little hero Hamzah Azmir while waiting the baby changing her diapers.. 🙂 more photos in my next post.

Children Portraiture by AzmirKhalid

Children Portraiture by AzmirKhalid

Children Portraiture by AzmirKhalidChildren Portraiture by AzmirKhalid

Children Portraiture by AzmirKhalid

Children Portraiture by AzmirKhalid

For those interested to have outdoor portraiture, I highly recommended to have it here. Contact me at 0123184184 or studio@azmirkhalid.com to have a session with me.


How to Prepare For A Newborn Portrait Session

So you’ve scheduled a newborn portrait sessionNow what? Newborn shoots are completely different from any other portrait session. If you are planning for newborn photos of your little one, read about what a newborn shoot entails so you know what to expect when you go to your portrait session!


1. At AzmirKhalid Studio Portraits we schedule 1-2 hours or more for newborn portrait sessions. It is important to schedule more than enough time for the shoot to make sure the baby gets fed, relaxes for breaks, and of course so we as photographer can get the best photos, sleeping and awake. At AKStudio, we put aside 1-2 hours or more for these sessions which allows plenty of time to move through the shoot at a relaxing pace. Remember to think about this when scheduling your appointment!

2. Newborn portrait sessions are usually encouraged to be taken within the first 10 days of life. This is because they are at their tiniest and can easily fall asleep! Since we will be using props, sets and different textures, we want to be able to pose the baby easily. This is done simply while they are sleeping. So in preparation for your newborn portrait session, remember to feed them right before (we will let you feed them throughout the session as well, hence scheduling a few hours for the shoot) and if possible let them stay awake until the shoot so they are more eager to fall asleep. Advisable 1-2 hours before the session.

3. What should you bring? If you have an outfit in mind that you really want to have your new little one wear, have them wear it before the session so we can photograph them in it first. We provide a few precious accessories for those who love cocoon, hats, headband, etc. At AKStudio we think that the best photos of newborns are when they are not wearing anything at all! Newborns are always most precious in photos when you can see baby parts like toes, hands, tiny baby rolls and those little thick thighs! When the baby grows you will want to remember your little one from the first few days of life. Don’t hesitate to ask us what we have already, and collaborate thoughts and ideas to make sure you are as prepared as possible.

4. Don’t be afraid to take as many breaks as you need during your session. We have seen everything there is to see happen during newborn sessions. So don’t be afraid to breastfeed, change a diaper, take breaks as you need! We understand. It is our job to make sure we get adorable photos, but the trick to newborn sessions is to not push it.

twins copy

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What you can usually expect us to have:
-The studio to be a warm temperature for the baby
-Calm music playing to soothe and relax the room
-Accessories for the baby to wear in photos
-Various colors and textures of blankets and backgrounds
-Props for the baby to sit and lay on for photos (Those adorable baskets and beddings!)
-A sitting area for you and your baby to take breaks! (for studio session)
-An experienced newborn photographer!


Introducing Sophea Natasha

Introducing Sophea Natasha. Yesterday i was call to Portrait Newborn of baby Sophea Natasha Sheikh Muszaphar at their place. This is the second time shooting Dr. Sheikh’s family after capturing newborn of their 1st Daughter Sophea Isabella in 2011.

We are specialized in Newborn Portraiture as young as 2 days old. We can be contacted through PM or other methods as below:

iMessage/Whatsapp/SMS/Call: 012-3184 184
Email / iMessage: studio@azmirkhalid.com

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This is Sophea Isabella in 2011 when she was only 9 days old. And today, she had grown up so fast… 🙂bella-1 copy

WELCOME 2013!!!



Hello everyone. 2013 is here. and we are so excited to announce our new and fresh packages as promise, we had release our newborn packages that cater for all. This year, we target all baby should have their own professional portraits by us… so please spread this good news to all your friends especially those who are expecting. We had lowered our fees up to 50% to make sure this target achieved.

We will be introducing a studio newborn portraits (starting March 2013 InsyaAllah) with a very minimum fees of RM313 only!!

Contact us for more details. You can either email / PM / iMessage (iOS user) / sms / whatsapp us at

email: studio@azmirkhalid.com
iPhone: 0123184184

“A special moment with you safely growing inside of me”

Last weekend was a blast… we really enjoy it. we started our weekend with this lovely Chinese Family for Maternity Portraiture. She was 36 weeks of pregnancy will be expecting anytime in November this year. We hope everything will be going well and looking forward for the newborn session soon…

Later in the afternoon, we continue with 2 more maternity sessions outdoor and a newborn session the next day. 🙂

More photos below..


For more samples of our photos, do visit and like our official Facebook Page

Contact us at 0123184184 / studio@azmirkhalid.com / Fill in our Form


Fun Kids & Family Portraiture at Perth, Australia…

Alhamdulillah, segala urusan di Perth, Australia telah selesai dengan jayanya. 2 minggu kami di sana, banyak gambar yang ingin kami kongsikan disini, pastikan anda baca sehingga habis… 🙂

Banyak tempat2 yang sangat cantik untuk buat sesi outdoor portraiture, dan kami ada perancangan untuk membuat pakej kepada anda untuk berphotoshoot di sana…berminat tak?

Gambar di atas gambar di Penguin Island, Rockingham, WA. Pulau yang ada penguin terkecil di dunia. Gambar2 penguin akan dikongsikan dibawah.

Kami tiba di Perth Airport awal 15 minit dari jadual. Jalan clear kt…hehehe… sedang menanti bagasi-bagasi yang lain….

Cuaca semasa kami sampai agak sejuk, dalam 12 celcius, dengan tiupan angin lebih kurang 30km/jam… menusuk ke tulang…hehe

Walaupun kepenatan tidak dapat tidur dengan lena dalam perjalanan, kami tidak membuang masa untuk tidur dulu, tetapi terus ke Tasik berdekatan… Tasik yang diberi nama Jackadder Lake. Taman yang sangat indah….penuh dengan burung2 kakak tua putih, burung seagull, itik-itik dan angsa hitam.

dua gambar diatas adalah gambar ketika sunset yang sempat saya rakamkan, masih di Jackadder Lake.

masih di Jackadder Lake…seronok tengok anak-anak girang berlarian kesana-sini….

ni pula di perth city, kelihatan postman naik basikal untuk hantar surat..pakaian dah siap untuk hujan, wlpn hujan, mereka masih bekerja lagi..sgt efficient..

kt perth city ni, hanya seminggu sekali je ada kehidupan malam. hanya jumat malam sabtu je…hari lain, kul 5 kedai semua dh tutup. ni gambar pada jumat malam sabtu…memang ramai orang…

demi menjaga kesejahteraan orang ramai, polis ada dimana-mana dengan basikal…ada je salah, saman time tu juga…hehe

sempat jumpa seorang musician dari Jepun, membuat persembahan di khalayak ramai…

nama binatang ni Lama. terkenal dengan suka meludah…tapi bukan ludah suka2…itu sebenarnya cara mereka mempertahankan diri..die akan ludah bila die rasa terancam sebab ludah die sangat busuk.. (katanya la…tak pernah plak bau..hehe)

pandai die posing depan kamera kn?

di perth ni, banyak tempat2 yang cantik2…penuh kehijauan. gambar diatas ni dalam Univeristy of Western Australia (UWA). salah 1 University tercantik di dunia…memang cantik landscape dan bangunan2 die…

ni pn di UWA>

semasa di perth, sempat kami berjalan ke Penguin Island terletak di Rockingham, 45minit drive dari tempat kami tinggal dan 5 minit naik ferry. ni la pulau yang dikatakan di atas tadi…

ni bukan baby penguin, tapi memang spesis penguin terkecil didunia…ni la size paling besar die…

ni masih di sekitar penguin island..sangat cantik suasana disini…beberapa lagi gambar di bawah…

walaupun nama Penguin Island, tapi burung seagull ni sangat banyak di pulau ni…burung atas ni sedang memeram telur di sarang die..

Kings Park, salah satu taman yang sangat popular di Perth. ni pandangan Swan River dari taman ni…

di sekitar Kings Park.

salah satu taman permainan dalam Kings Park.

ni pula di Fremantle, Bandar terdekat dari Perth. Popular dengan Fish & Chips di tepi laut… Dari Perth City, boleh ke si

ni dengan Boat Cruise sepanjang Swan River sampai ke Fremantle atau boleh naik bus atau kereta.

Freemantle market…

suasana malam di Freemantle.

di laut berdekatan tempat saya tinggal…memang di utamakan untuk surfer bermain di sini…

lompatan di pinggiran swan river. terima kasih pada wife tangkap gambar ni… ada gk gmbr saya..hehe..

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